Web Resources

E-MELD School of Best Practices in Digital Language Documentation:  http://emeld.org/school/

Garrett, John, and Donald Waters.  1996.  “Preserving Digital Information: Report of the Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information commissioned by the Commission on Preservation and Access and the Research Libraries Group.Washington, DC: Commission on Preservation and Access.”  http://www.clir.org/pubs/abstract/pub63.html

Howard, Roger.  Wed Apr 09 2003.  http://eclipse.wustl.edu/~listmgr/imagelib/Apr2003/0011.html

NARA (2004):

New Jersey Digital Highway Project(2007?):

NINCH (2002):  http://www.ninch.org/guide.pdf

Simons, Gary F.  2006. Ensuring that digital data last: The priority of archival form over working form and presentation form.  An expanded version of a paper originally presented at the: EMELD Symposium on ”Endangered Data vs. Enduring Practice,” Linguistic Society of America annual meeting, 8-11 January 2004, Boston, MA.  http://www.sil.org/silewp/2006/003/SILEWP2006-003.htm

Additional Information on Audio

ARSC  Technical Committee.  2009.  Preservation of Archival Sound Recordings, Version 1, April 2009. http://www.arsc-audio.org/pdf/ARSCTC_preservation.pdf

Sound Directions (2009):


CDP Digital Audio Working Group (2006):

U. of Maryland Libraries (2007):
http://www.lib.umd.edu/dcr/publications/best_practice.pdf (2007)

Additional Information on Images and Video

Visual Arts Data Service (2000?):

California Digital Libraries (2008):

Washington State Library:

BCR Digital Images Working Group (2008):

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