About AnthroDataDPA

About AnthroData DPA

AnthroDataDPA is short-hand for a strategic integrated four-field plan for digital preservation of and access (DPA) to anthropological research materials. Actually, we are just at the beginning stages of such an attempt. It began with an NSF/Wenner-Gren supported workshop held on May 18-20, 2009 in Arlington, Virginia.  We are also applying for further funding. The preliminary report is contained on this website.

The principal investigators, Carol R. Ember, Eric Delson, Jeff Good, and Dean Snow, each respectively represented one of the four traditional subfields of anthropology—cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, linguistics, and archaeology.  If you want to contact one of us, here are our emails:

Carol R. Ember <carol.ember@yale.edu>

Eric Delson <Eric.Delson@lehman.cuny.edu>

Jeff Good <jcgood@buffalo.edu>

Dean Snow <drs17@psu.edu>


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