Toward an Integrated Plan for Digital Preservation and Access to Primary Anthropological Data (AnthroDataDPA: A Four-Field Workshop)[1]

May 18-20, 2009, Hilton-Arlington, Arlington, VA

The main body of the AnthroDataDPA Report is a summary of the May 2009 written by the PIs, Carol R. Ember, Eric Delson, Jeff Good, and Dean R. Snow. It draws heavily on the Chair Reports of the breakout discussion groups, which are included in their entirety on this site .

Chair Reports:

Access Issues: Keith Kintigh (Chair), Jeff Altschul , Ted Bestor , Jeff Good , Matthew Tocheri , Peter Wittenburg .

Copyright: Eric Kansa (Chair), Jeanne Altmann, Eric Delson, and Tom Moritz

Data Preservation Issues: Carol R. Ember (Chair), Anthony Aristar, Jeffrey Clark, Lisa Conathan, Robert Leopold, Daniel Reboussin and David Glenn Smith

Depositor Issues: Lisa Conathan (chair), Douglas A. Black, Michael Fischer, David R. Hunt, Mark Mahoney, Marlene Martin, Daniel Reboussin, and Dean R. Snow

Digitization Issues: Helen Aristar-Dry (Chair), Richard Mahoney, and Richard Sherwood.

Funding and Sustainability Issues: Robert V. Kemper (Chair), Anthony Aristar, Helen Aristar Dry, Andrew Bennett , Jeff Clark, Carol Ember, Keith Kintigh, Jennifer Serventi, Matt Tocheri, Laura Welcher, and Peter Wittenburg

Metadata Issues: Tom Moritz (Chair), Jeanne Altmann, Eric Delson, Eric Kansa, Robert Kemper

Privacy and Ethical Issues: Richard Sherwood (Chair), Jeff Altschul, Ted Bestor, Jeff Good, Tim Kohler, Robert Leopold, Susan Penfield, Joel Sherzer, and David Glenn Smith

Storage/Backup Issues: David Gewirtz (Chair), Laura Welcher, Dean Snow,  Michael Fischer, David R. Hunt, and Mark Mahoney


[1] Supported by the National  Science Foundation (BCS-0823404) and the Wenner-Gren Foundation in a grant to the Human Relations Area Files. The cultural anthropology, arctic social sciences, physical anthropology, archaeology, and political science programs were co-funders of NSF’s contribution to this workshop.

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